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TechNotes on Data Files for AM Area Layers Editor for Country Managers - Initial Load HowTo


"At the beginning, there was an empty database..."

Every time we start a new Country we need some data to start from. Our main goal is to make things more easy for you, the Country Managers, and therefore manually enter coordinates for ALL areas is not an option. We need a method to load your data into our database and create a reliable starting point, so we choosed the OpenGIS Geometry Model.

The file format

To "feed the monster" we need a spreadsheet in Excel or OpenOffice format like this one:

davide7O POLYGON((9.80945 45.0996,9.8957 45.0996,9.8957 45.1405,9.80945 45.1405,9.80945 45.0996))
davide7O POLYGON((12.36938 43.90968,12.53188 43.90968,12.53188 43.99094,12.36938 43.99094,12.36938 43.90968))
fmondini POLYGON((7.3 47.5,7.1559920 47.2885587,6.65 47.31,6.5275 46.8654,7.45 46.71599,7.88 47.1,7.39287 47.19,7.357001 47.5))
fmondini POLYGON((9.7816 45.47033,9.97816 45.47033,9.97816 45.54805,9.7816 45.54805,9.7816 45.47033))
fmondini POLYGON((11.83381 45.36319,12.58693 45.36319,12.58693 45.84826,11.83381 45.84826,11.83381 45.36319))
linus71 POLYGON((12.33788 43.84978,12.78805 43.84978,12.78805 44.16704,12.33788 44.16704,12.33788 43.84978))
m4rc072 POLYGON((9.99941 45.37601,10.29947 45.37601,10.29947 45.55587,9.99941 45.55587,9.99941 45.37601))

The format is simple, basically a column containing the user name and a column with the coordinates of the area in POLYGON((...)) format.

As you can see looking at the third line of the example above now we support polygons with multiple vertices. This long-awaited feature has been added thanks to the switch to the OpenLayer framework and a heavy redesign of the site internal logic.

Please note that we do not support (and we do not think to do it unless absolutely necessary) the GEOMETRYCOLLECTION class in the import process. In case of users with more than one area, the spreadsheet must have multiple lines with the same username and a single area (POLYGON) per line (see example above).

How to send us your precious files

Before sending any file please check that every POLYGON line ends with a "))". Some spreadsheets tend to "cut" long lines.

When the file is ready send it via email to dbmgr at waze dot tools

If you have any questions please send me a PM via Waze Forum.